PCC Secretary’s Notes – May 1989

It was agreed that the North Blackburn Group of Churches [now CTNB] procession take place on Trinity Sunday with the Salvation Army band. Mrs Mary Edwards was willing to give guidance on a design for the altar frontal. Special thanks were given to Miss Nellie Slater and Mr. Robin Whalley for mid-week assistance to the Treasurer.

It was announced that the former long-standing Secretary, Mr Cyril Duerden, had by his Will bequeathed his Certificate of Appointment as Councillor and Secretary Emeritus to St. James’ Church, together with a one third share of his residuary estate. A payment on account had already been received. The bequest was expressed to be for the general purposes of the church and the Finance Committee was asked to make recommendations.

The PCC had applied for membership of the National Society (Church of England) for Promoting Religious Education.

Mrs Truswell, cleaner and verger, was unwell and a reserve cleaner was being sought to assist at weddings “of which there were quite a number coming up”.

A decanter had been accidentally broken and an insurance claim was being investigated. A clock in the vestry was broken and not repairable. Two of the stained glass windows on the south side of the church had been broken from outside, one of them badly, and the provision of new protection sheets was being looked into.

In connection with development at the West end of the church, more donations were coming in to the Development Fund. The Vicar had spoken to the architects about drawing up proper plans. The Fabric Committee was to itemise the features we required.

Mr. Harry Ellison had been considering setting up monthly meetings under the heading “Christians at Work” and also floating the idea with CTNB. Jo Hartley was trying to develop a “Laity at Work” group – a small gathering to explore the problems of being a Christian in particular kinds of work.

The St. James’ Day Tripper train excursion to Edinburgh had been a successful venture and a lovely day out. Grateful thanks were expressed to Ian Stocks and the Train Committee.

The Vicar gave details of improvements made, or to be made, to the school hall, thanks to the work of the Parents and Friends Group. These included a permanent slide screen, new curtains, handrail down the path and improvements to the central heating.

Mrs Joan Sinnett announced that the CTNB Whalley Abbey retreat would take place in July; there would be 20 tickets for each church.

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