Are We Prepared…?

Hello! Probably of no surprise to anyone is the fact that one of my more frequent comments on school reports was, “Linda is too talkative!” Guilty as charged! However, for this month’s little ‘chat’ in this magazine, I somehow am finding it a bit difficult to put pen-to-paper. So, advance apologies if this missive makes even less sense than usual!

October is quite a busy time for Ken and myself. Ken’s elder brother Jeff is staying with us for three weeks. He lives in America – has done so for over sixty years. So, we’ll be chauffeurs, tour guides and caterers for a while. Also we’ll be sprucing up the spare bedroom and generally doing what we can to make his stay comfortable and enjoyable.

This has just got me thinking – how prepared are we to invite Jesus into our homes, hearts and lives? Is our spirituality just for Sundays? As Christians, we are meant to be ‘the light of the world’. Has your light dimmed a little? I know that many times my own actions, thought and words do fail to reflect the glory of our Risen Lord. Thank you Lord that you can help me with my imperfections!

Another element of preparation could concern the fact that after we’ve prepared for and welcomed Jesus into our lives here on earth, there comes another vital aspect; that of preparing ourselves for our future in eternity. None of us knows the day or the hour when this earthly life shall cease. But cease it will – for of course the only certainties in this life are said to be death and taxes! Indeed, one day all the joys, possessions and trappings of the world will cease to be: and we shall have to be prepared/ready to meet our Maker. Yes, our wonderful Maker, who knows every little bit of us (and loves us just the same). Are we prepared? With God’s help in the here-and-now, we can be. As Christians, we need never be despondent about our lives. At times these can seem to be hidden from our sight: but just because for various reasons we can’t seem them does not of course mean that they aren’t there. When a boat goes beyond our visible horizon, it is indeed sailing ever onward.

I’m sorry that I’ve probably ‘rambled’ more than I’ve ‘warbled’ this month. In closing I’d like to share with you some lines from C.S.Lewis, “in this life we write the title page of what will be our eternity”. So, important though it is to prepare our American guest, myself and Ken are trying to prepare for bigger things. With God’s help, we’ll win through!

Bye for now.


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