Five Senses…

Five Senses

Do you ever think about thanking God for the wonderful gifts He gives us as His creation? If you do, then I wonder if you have included your five senses!

A friend of mine went into the country for a holiday was staying on a farm. On his first morning there he went outside and immediately was struck by the farmyard smells. You may recoil at the idea and say ‘no thank you!’ but he was thrilled by the new experience and began to thank God for his senses.

The Lord said back to him ‘you have discovered your sense of smell, now discover the others’. So my friend went for a walk and discovered some heart-warming things around him.

Firstly he began to notice the colours of the flowers and fields in which he was. He saw the behaviour of the animals (and the farmer as well) and the light on the water and the fields. So he thanked God for what he saw.

Then he touched the trees and the leaves on them. He picked up fir cones and felt them. Then he found a bird’s feather and was awed by its softness and fragile appearance. So he thanked God for the things he touched.

The touch of the bird feather suddenly made him aware of the singing of the birds in the trees, and then the machinery of the farm going on around him. Most of all he noted the sound of the wind through the trees and the sound of his footsteps through the grass. So he thanked God for the things he heard.

The thought of tasting something made him realise that it was time for morning coffee and so he started back to his little holiday flat. But God had saved the best for last! As my friend walked on, savouring and pondering upon the new experiences he had found that morning the Lord put the words of psalm 34 into his mind; “O taste and see that the Lord is good. Blessed is the man that trusts in Him”.

So often we take the world around us for granted and fail to recognise the beauty and order of creation. So often we are quick to destroy some of that beauty in order to ‘develop’ it for the purposes of making money. Too often we do not realise just how much it may grieve our Lord when we fail to take proper care of the world of which we are stewards.

Some of us are bereft of one or more of those five senses, but God compensates us for those things. Nevertheless we ought to remember that God gave us the world to enjoy as well as care for, and we should be eager in thanking Him for the wonders of his creation, and the means that he has given us to do so!

“O taste and see that the Lord is good”. Psalm 34:8


God Bless







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