St James PCC – April 2014

This meeting was attended by the Vicar and 35 parishioners. The Annual Report was presented and Frank Robinson summarized the financial aspect. The Vicar expressed his appreciation of all those who were deeply committed to the ongoing activities of St. James’ Church in many ways. He acknowledged the support from lay readers, Canon Roy Braithwaite and Rev’d. David Dickinson and PCC members. He stressed that we are living in changing times and that it was imperative that we accommodate fresh expressions and adapt to new patterns, and perhaps mid-week times, of worship service. The Vicar referred to various events during the year and thanked all those who had assisted him. The meeting also received short reports from Ken Robinson (Warden), Pat Cave (Pastoral Care Group), Wendy Feast (Tiddlers and Toddlers), Jonathan Tranter (Young People) and from the Vicar on the subject of Prayer Breakfasts.

John Leigh (Secretary) summarized the PCC meetings which had taken place during the year, drawing attention to the combining of the Mission and Liturgy Committees.

Brian Openshaw, Brian Meehan and Jonathan Tranter will continue as our Deanery Synod Reps.

Ken Robinson was re-elected as Churchwarden and Shirley Squires was newly elected.

Mavis Jones, Sheila Sanderson and Hazel James resigned from the PCC. John Leigh and Hazel Shaw retired by rotation and were re-elected. David Holden and Alison Dullenty were newly-elected to the PCC. Crystal Feast was elected to join the sidesmen. Richard Moss was re-appointed Independent Examiner (previously Auditor).

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