St James PCC – May 2014

The meeting heard with pleasure that Graham and Hazel Dean were to edit the Magazine and noted that it would have a new format.

Hazel Shaw was elected Vice-chairman of the PCC; John Leigh was elected Secretary and Frank Robinson Treasurer. We are still looking for someone to be our Health & Safety Officer. Committees and focus groups were also elected.

The Treasurer drew attention to the fact that, although we had substantial cash reserves, our regular income was falling; this is a matter of concern. It could form the subject matter for the next PCC Away Day.

Anyone willing to be an assistant at weddings or funerals should please contact the Vicar or John Leigh.

The difficulties with the uncompleted and defective work on the tower are continuing; this is causing delay to our plans to redecorate the porch.

Wendy Feast reported on the ongoing success of the Tiddlers and Toddlers group.

There is to be a clarification about who should pay charges for the use of the Lounge and which users were exempt. There is to be another clear out of the upstairs and downstairs cupboards in the Lounge complex. If you do not want an item to be removed, please ensure that you put a label on it.

Rev. Lena Talbot (Revidge Fold) is to speak at the bonfire in November.

Reporting from a Diocesan Synod meeting, Brian Meehan said that, following a debate about women bishops, the voting was 83 to 34 in favour.

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