Mission Statement

We Love Jesus. We Love our Neighbours.  We respect diversity in Little Harwood.

St Stephen’s Church is the only visible Christian presence in the predominantly Deobandi Muslim Community of Little Harwood.  After becoming a United Benefice with St james’ Blackburn we realise that the parish has to develop and empower its lay people.  The shape of things to come in our parish has been carefully considered by the PCC and is summarised below.

Mission Action Plan – Priorities

Building – To negotiate with the Diocese to improve the building for mission and ministry.

Worship – To work on comprehensive liturgy and increase the participation of members of the church in worship services.

Pastoral – To build a pastorl team.

School – To buidl a lay team to work with Clergy on assemblies and keep the school in daily prayer.

Community and Other Faiths – To improve our relationship with local faith leaders.

Talents and Resources – To identify the gifts and talents of our church members and use them in building our parish life.

Young Families – Increasing Baptism is a positive sign.  To follow up with parents following baptism of children.

Religious Literacy – To organise religious literacy sessions, to educate members of the church about the intrinsic teachings of other faiths.

Collaboration with other Churches – Becoming a united benefice is a positive move.  To build on this relationship.